Parallel and Distributed Computing Research Group (PDC-RG)

The PDC-RG undertakes the research to improve the quality of data processing activities in distributed paradigm on heterogeneous computing networks. Main focus of the group is to design solutions in open standards preferably using open source technologies. The

research at PDC-RG encompasses all aspects of the design, implementations and analysis of PDC systems.

1. Projects  
2. Thesis

3. Publication  


Project Title

1. Computerization of Exam Cell (MCS) in a distributed Database environment with centralized storage and processing.
2. To implement AMSS (automatic message switching system) on the line of pre-existing AMSS.
3. Statistical analysis and search algorithm of binary data files on PC.
4. To develop a Computerized library system for MCS.
5. Analysis of Data Compression Techniques.
6. Multimedia Application Toolkit
7. Database Access Application with JAVA Front End.
8. To design and develop a distributed data base security system for MCS
9. To develop a Web based travel Consultant.
10. Assembly Language Simulator/ Emulator of various microprocessors and microcontrollers.
11. To develop a distributed gaming system.
12. To develop a cross-platform virus-delivering tool.
13. Geographical Information System (GIS) for Tactical Decision Support System (TDSS)
14. Defenders of Pakistan a multimedia data base
15. Data Encryption Standard algorithm through image processing
16. Active X Control for Data Compression
17. Sig Acquisition of Processing System for diagnostics of cardiac Malfunctioning
18. Banking Accounts System
19. Dynamic Load Balancing on distributed Systems
20. Case Tool for Engineering Distributed Databases
21. Real Time Voice Tfr Over the Internet Using SIP
22. E-Commerce Website Development & Management Tool
23. Implementation of e-Mail by phone & phone in services
24. ORMA-SYS (Order Management System)
25. Web Based Mailing System
26. Study of The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
27. Study of the Network Security Manager
28. Internet Call Manager (ICM)
29. Multimedia Conferencing on Intranet.
30. OSS Server For Packet Cable Telephony
31. Dual Tone Multiple Frequency Detector
32. Implementation of a Mobile Adhoc Network Protocol
33. Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
34. Distributed Multimedia Using Middleware Concepts
35. Voice-over-IP Overview (VOIP)
36. On Line Railways Booking Systems
37. Army Medical College System
38. Voice-over-IP Overview (VOIP)
39. (MGCP Call Agent)
40. Multi Agent System (MAS)
41. Writing in Jini svc manager
42. Services Based Architecture for Distributed Computing
43. Development of Internet Messenger for Army Data Network
44. Implementation And Porting of MPEG-1
45. Design and Implementation of WAP Gateway
46. Voice Mailing System
47. Form Builder for Document Management Systems
48. End to End Security API for Nokia Mobile Devices
49. On Line Library System
50. Development of a Compiler for a Parallel Processor
51. Implementation of CR-LDP
52. Move Planning and Con System
53. Develop Arc View Extension for Tracking
54. Multimedia Packet Switched Data Source Traffic Modeling for 3G Mobile Networks
55. Autonomous Agent Based Distributed Knowledge Management System
56. Visual Internet Studio
57. Implementation of data transmission protocol for Magellan GPS and its Integration with GIS Used in Pakistan Army
58. Waplized Transmission of Voice Transformed Text Messages Using POP-3 Protocol Implemented in Net Frame Work
59. GIS Based Military Planning/Analysis System
60. Cache Design Issue in a Multi Processor Based Sys. (Simulation).
61. Voice Over IP Traffic Analysis and Protocol decode
62. Study and Implementation of Bluetooth Protocol Stack as a Distributed Simulation
63. IPV6 Gateway Router Implementation
64. Distributed Agent for Mobile & Dynamic Service (DIAMOnDS).
65. Personal Information Retrieval System (PIRS)
66. Implementation of Internet Group Management Protocol and Design of Multicast Routing Protocol
67. Predictive Maintenance System Design using vibration Signature Analysis
68. Real-Time 3D Rendering Engine
69. Extension of Dissemination System of Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) Using Web Services
70. Study and Implementation of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
71. Monitoring and Management Service Over Distributed Environment
72. VOIP Analysis & Protocol Decode
73. Intrusion Detection System
74. Integrated Hospital Information and Management System
75. Frequency Domain Analysis of ECG Late Potential
76. Cardiac Imaging
77. An Ingergrated Approach to Auto – Clustering of Pakistani Newspapers & An Ontology driven approach enabling Semantic Web availability
78. Segmentation of Human Faces from a set of Colored Images with Cluttered background Using Digital Image Processing
79. Self Organizing Intelligent Agents
80. RTOS Kernel for an Intel Based Processor
81. Grid-enabled Wireless Apps for Hand-held Devices
82. 3RD Person Action Adventure RPG with RTS elements (Sniper)
83. Real Time Target Tracking of High Speed Objects
84. Database Access and Virtualization Services on the Grid.
85. An integrated Secure Electronic payment Architecture Supporting unified processes over the Internet
86. Copyright Protection in Digital Images Using Watermarking In Wavelet Domain
87. Simulator Oerlikon Anti Aircraft Gun CDF-005
88. Efficient Multicast Routing For Wireless Mobile AD Hoc Networks
89. Design, Implementation and Simulation of a Unicast Routing Protocol in Mobile AD Hoc Networks (MANETS)
90. Personalization of Universal Smart Card Microcontroller for Secure Management System
91. Development and Implementation of Text Watermarking and Information Hiding Technique
92. Qasid Mail An Electronic Mail With Security Futures
93. Mosaicing of Aerial Images Using Feature Point Extraction For Use in Variation Detection
94. Reusable Architecture Development for Interoperable Universal Simulations
95. Vehicle Detection From Arial Images
96. Design and Implementation of Autonomous Agent Architecture For Sage
97. Rummage The Passive Email Monitoring System For Enterprise Networks
98. Multimedia (SMS, MMS, Audio, Video) Over Position Aware Personal Area Mobile AD Hoc Wireless Networks (Paramagnets)
99. Self Evolving Intelligent System for Classifying Numerous Retinal Diseases
100. Jini Automation of Remote Device Via Impromptue Community of Objects
101. Optimal Antenna Placement in a Mesh Mobile AD Hoc Networks (Flexman)
102. Database Control System
103. Data Acquisition and Identification of Late Ventricular Potential Using Wavelet Transform
104. HLA Based Simulator of a Ground Combating Scenario using Fighting Objects
105. Cellular Communication Management Using Intelligent Network Platform
106. Integration of 802.11 in GSM Mobile NW.
107. Automatic Vehicle License Plate Recognition
108. Middle Ware for Wireless Sensor Networks
109. Detection and Classification of ECG beats
110. Real Time Gun Profiler for High Speed Objects
111. Plug & Play Software for RFIC Based Sys and Application
112. Designing an Intelligent Routing Protocol for MANETs
113. GIS Based Routing Engine
114. SW Design of Retaining Walls
115. To develop a combat Calculator Using Quantified Judgment Model
S/No Thesis Topic
1. Adaptation of POEMS for Windows Environment.
2. Design and Implement Extraction, Transformation and Loading Protocols
3. Development of Automated Circuit Planning System
4. The Development of an Expert System Shell
5. To develop a file transfer protocol capable of transferring data files from one location to another.
6. Study and Development of Virtual Distributed programming Environment
7. Implementation of Hand Recognition System
8. Design and implementation of Database application for peace time movement and relocation of units.
9. Design and Development of a training simulator for Tank firing and ATGM.
10. The Development of a Geographical Information System
11. Dynamic Load Balancing in Homogeneous. Distributed Computer Systems,
12. An Integrated Env for UNIX System Management using X Windows.
13. Point to point file transfer based on link access procedure for D channel (LAPD) of ISDN.
14. Implementation of Production, Planning and Control System for Industrial Environment.
15. Development of a C3I Tool for Peace Time movement and Relocation of units.
16. Battle Information and Planning System.
17. Rationalization of Knowledge Representation in POEMS.
18. Frame based Circuit Planning System
19. A study of Computer Viruses.
20. Intelligent System for digital circuit design.
21. Simulation of Disk Scheduling Algo.
22. Implementation of Database of Geographical features
23. Domain security system using techniques of AI.
24. Simulation of Drilling process control.
25. Windows NT Interface for E-mail.
26. Design/Development of Distributed Database System.
27. Design and Implementation of a mirrored Database System for WAN
28. DSS for Tactical Communication Planning for PATCOMS.
29. Geographical front for query Optimization and Processing in RDMs
30. Translation of Entity Relation Diagram to Relational Database Schema.
31. User Management Sys
32. Design and development of web based training simulator depicting semaphore solution to the producer/consumer problem in concurrent programming.
33. C3I System of Air Tactical Planning.
34. Develop Web Based Search Pool for Quranic and Hadith Concepts.
35. Autonomous Mobile Robot
36. Development of Multiplateform Virus.
37. Automatic Answering and Appointment Scheduling Machine
38. 2-Dimensoonal Digital Image compression using Wavelet Transform.
39. Database Decision Support System for LAN Design.
40. Design and Development of Distributed Database Application for MCS
41. Computerization of GHQ Signal Centre.
42. Investigation of Windows NT Security Loopholes and their fixing algorithm.
43. Computerization of stock of Electronic Components, Equipment and Instruments at signals R&D Establishment.
44. Development of Hacking Software
45. Design and Development of Web Multimedia Database Sys Archived for the works of Muslim Schoalrs
46. Implementing a Proxy - Server - An Application Level firewall.
47. Expert/intelligent system for trouble shooting of automobiles.
48. Comprehensive Cost Estimation system for Military Engineering Services.
49. Urdu E-mail software Editor with Graphical User Interface (GUI)
50. Traffic and congestion control in ATM, Net Works
51. Urdu Font Designing and Dupplex Comm Sys
52. Design of an intelligent system for booking and connection of trunk call in Pak Army Exchs.
53. Inventory Control System for HIT
54. Design of a intelligent Sys for proof Scheduling of ammo held by Pak Army
55. Automated Remote Database Retrieval Through Telephone
56. A Navel User authentication and logging system for IIS Web Sites
57. Implementation of VOIP Technology & Intelligent Network Services
58. Design & Development of a web based Automated Messaging system
59. Data Compression & Its efficient retrieval
60. Short term load forecasting for an interconnected power sys
61. A knowledge based Islamic Expert System
62. Implementation of Virtual Banking System
63. Voice Signals Analysis Tool
64. A Web Based Complaint Monitoring and Management Information Systems
65. Web Based On Line Library Information System
66. Vehicle Management System of an Engineering Battalion
67. Demand, Receipt and Inventory Management System of CSD Zonal Depot, Rawalpindi
68. Design and Implementation of Budget Control and Management System
69. IPv6/IPng and Routing Aggregation
70. Design and Implementation of Information and Project Management System for a Housing Organization
71. Web Based Examination and Assessment System for Virtual University
72. Electronic Utility Bill Processing System Through Smart Cards
73. Design and Implementation of Web Based Software System for Virtual Universities for Development And Administration of On Line Course
74. E-Commerce Secure System Design Based on Client/Server Computing
75. Design and Implementation of Corporate Intranet Utilities.
76. Study and Implementation of “Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) in Tunnel Mode" and preparing a patch for new security algorithm
77. Data Link Simulator Software System
78. Design and Development of Online Sports information system
79. Designing and development of Software for Web Based shopping
80. Design and implementation of data ware house for different applications
81. Design and Implementation of Interactive Web Surfing application
82. Design and Implementation of Point to Point Protocol in Wireless Communication over Mobile IP in 3GPP-2
83. Analysis, Design and Implementation of SCADA System
84. Design and implementation of Link access control (LAC) AND Medium access control (MAC) protocols in both Mobile Station (MS) and Radio Network’s protocol stack, providing wireless communication over mobile IP, based on the standards of 3 GPP-2 (Third generation partnership project-2
85. Distance electronic classroom utilizing low bandwidth internet
86. Analysis, Design and Implementation of Web Based examination System
87. Design and implementation of 3GPP-2s Radio network-Packet data serving node (R-P) protocol in wireless communication over Mobile IP
88. Analysis and optimization of Unidirectional Link Support in OLSR Protocol For Routing in Mobile Adhoc Networks
89. Analysis and Optimization of power conservation Algorithms in Mobile Adhoc Networks Using OLSR protocol
90. Analysis and Optimization of Algos to Support Fast Moving Nodes Using Olsr Protocol in Mobile Adhoc Networks
91. Design & Implementation of a Secure Mobile Banking System
92. Design and Implementation of web-based software system for online reservation and information for an airline
93. Study and Comparison of DSR and AODV Protocol for MANET Using UC Berkeley’s Network Simulator NS2
94. Developing a portal for Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation
95. Design and implementation of simulation system for the software of the VHF/UHF electronic Warfare reconnaissance and control system (TDK-050)
96. Image filtering and enhancement tool
97. Design and implementation of a database manager (DB#SHARP)
98. "Implementing soap (Simple Object Access Protocol) for accessing web services
99. Simulation of load sharing in distributed processing system by using RMI® technology of java®
100. Gateway support in optimized link state routing protocol for mobile Ad-hoc Networks
101. Locating and Managing Moving Objects Efficient methods for movement detection, Discovery of mobility agents and handoffs in modern mobile networks with mobile IP
102. Development of XML schema for software requirements engineering
103. Technologies in data warehousing in the context of DDD project.
104. Tutorial engineering CMM® and CMM ® consultant
105. Study of resilient packet ring technology and its MAC layer implementation in software
106. Multi Lingual Messenger
107. Design of Next Generation Web Enabled Call Center
108. Development of Quality Assurance Analyzer
109. Digital Image Compression Using Wavelet Transform
110. Neutral Network Based Vibration Analysis Sys
111. Petrophysical log Analysis sys
112. Change Management for Semistructured data
113. Mobile Commerce Using Mobile Agents
114. Automation of CS Dept
115. Dynamic Regrouping of CQ’s for Web Databases
116. Retrofitting of Computer Numerical Control CNC Turing Machine
117. Geological Analysis System
118. Attk/Def simulator in non-state environment
119. Secure E-Transaction in mobile environment using Quantum Crypotology
120. Development of Artificial Intelligent System for ISSB Psychiatric Tests Evaluation
121. Image Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Image by Combining optical flow and segmentation
122. Frequency Management Software for Pak Army Tactical Communication Sys
123. Designing of Deadlock Detection and Recovery Algorithm for Operating Sys
124. Wireless LAN Security,
125. Fault Tolerance in Multi Agent Sys.
126. QoS in 3G Wireless Network
127. Portal-to-Portal Web Services
128. Zooming in Digital Images and Minimizing The Staircase Effect
129. Vehicle Classification and License Plate Recognition
130. Location and Reconstruction of Structure in Occluded Environment
131. Object Recognition Using Pattern Analysis
132. Software based Embedded Solution for Electronic Countermeasure System
133. Fingerprints Verification Biometric System
134. Face Recognition Biometric System
135. Performance Analysis of Disk Arm Scheduling Algorithms
136. Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection Using Fuzzy Association Rules
137. Discreet Fourier Transform (DFT) Based Face Recognition in Hexagonal Images
138. MPLS Ad hoc Networks
139. Security & Trust Enforcement in Pervasive Computing Environment
140. Context-Aware Paradigm of a Pervasive Computing Environment (CAPP)
141. Augmenting MAC Layer Security in WiMAX/802.16
142. Performance analysis of EBCOT – the JPEG 2000 encoding scheme
143. Ethernet Passive Optical Network System with Triple Play Support for NUST Access NW
144. Correlations and Associations Analysis and IP Monitoring for Identification and Prediction of Cyber-Based Crime
145. Extenuating Denial of Service Attacks in Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA) Networks
146. A Decision Support System for Energy Policy Analysis
147. An Effective and High Speed Algorithm of pattern Searching for Intrusion Detection Sys
148. Laxity – Aware Dynamic Check Pointing Strategy for Real Time Sys Under Multiple Transient Faults
149. Image Enhancement Using Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform
150. Robust LDA Classification by Sub-sampling
151. Implementation and Analysis of Wavelet Based Embedded Image Compression Algorithm – SPECK
152. Optimal Solution to Matrix – Parenthesization Problem Employing Parallel Processing Approach
153. Detection of Suspicious Human Motion from Videw-Frame Sequences of Visual Surveillance System Using Image Processing Techniques
154. Detection of Crowd Behavior Using Images from Video Surveillance Systems
155. Traffic Engineering and QoS Provisioning for Multimedia Applications on Mobile AD Hoc Networks using Multi-protocol Label Switching
156. Wavelet Based Denoising of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) Image
157. Finger Print Matching using Wavelet Packet Analysis Technique
158. Image-Based Network Anomaly Detection Technique
159. Unsupervised Scene Analysis Using Hidden Markov Model Approach
160. Energy Efficient Geographic Communication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network (WSNs)
161. A Robust Data Hiding Technique based on Neighborhood Pixels
162. Equivalence Verification of Arithmetic Data Path with Multiple Word-Length Operands


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